Kaiku Sin Lactosa


Kaiku Sin Lactosa creates the first shop without sizes.

Kaiku Sin Lactosa, in partnership with the fashion label UKE, has launched a collection without sizes at a pop-up store that is revolutionizing downtown Madrid.

Like it or not, sizes influence us when shopping. Beyond the obvious, they help perpetuate beauty norms—often unattainable—that keep us from enjoying fashion as a free method of expression. From this concept sprung a communication campaign created to highlight this reality and urge society to make a positive change.

A collaboration with the fashion label UKE made it possible to create the first collection without sizes and sell it at a pop-up store that also served as a meeting point for the media, bloggers, and influencers. The campaign featured an extensive array of content development and social media activations.


The collection

A capsule collection of clothing without sizes, created in collaboration with Uke and designed to adapt to you, regardless of your shape. Forget about S, M, L and XL. Wear whatever feels good!




Elastic fabrics, wide cuts, and garments with volume and personality. A collection designed to make you look and feel good, regardless of your shape.


The shop

The shop without sizes that revolutionized downtown Madrid became a reality as a pop-up store located on Calle Pelayo 52. The initiative was created to help the neighborhood, the city, and everyone to dive into a life without insecurities. Anyone could buy the pieces from the collection in an unrestricted setting that exuded freedom.

The first fashion film without sizes

The first shop without sizes gained popularity thanks to a very special teaser. This is how the first fashion film without sizes came to about. An audiovisual piece featuring people with attitude and no insecurities was quickly shared by a number of media outlets.


A campaign like this creates fans, so join the #NOTAGS movement with Kaiku Caffè Latte XXL RESULTS


+ 120

Media mentions

+ 1 M

Estimated direct audience

+ 2 M

Social media reach

+ 10 %

Engagement in the brand’s social media profiles

The media coverage consisted of 120 mentions and 2.2 million people reached. A 10% engagement ratio was attained in social media channels.