Kaiku Caffè Latte


The music band Tachenko performed in a shop window on Madrid’s coolest commercial street.

The action was created as an activity of the Kaiku Caffè Latte’s music label, destined to bring music to different and unexpected places for the brand’s consumers.

Tachenko presented their eleventh album, Misterios de la canción ligera (Limbo Starr, 2017), and under its KCL music label, Kaiku Caffè Latte decided to give the band and its Madrid fans the gift of a unique experience: a concert in a shop window right on Calle Fuencarral in Madrid. The store Kaotiko (Calle Fuencarral 34), located right next to the iconic mural painted by Ricardo Cavolo, was the venue selected to surprise fans and passersby.

Thirty minutes of music that perfectly combined the band’s greatest hits and songs from the new album was more than enough to fill the street with hundreds of spectators, giving journalists immediate wind of the news. To top it off, fans outside of Madrid were able to watch the concert live on the brand’s social media channels: Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram. All of these actions were created with the aim of creating a unique experience for the fans of the brand and the group. #MiMundoMisReglas

“The first music festival that filled a shop’s window in the middle of the street”

“Free concerts, and in a shop’s window, no less”


+ 530 %

Final ROI

+ 11 M

Total reach

160 K

Advertising value