Kaiku Sin Lactosa


Kaiku Sin Lactosa promotes shared responsibility in Spanish households. The action was launched on the change.org platform with the aim of sending the hyperrealist sculpture of a man seated on a sofa—the centerpiece of the campaign—to the National Archaeology Museum.

With this engaging campaign, Kaiku Sin Lactosa defends shared responsibility in the household along with the equal distribution of chores and parenting duties.
In recent years, data on these subjects shows shared responsibility has improved significantly. A growing number of couples practice equality, as opposed to a small number of men—less than 10%—who continue to hold on to older stereotypes.

To highlight this reality, Kaiku Sin Lactosa launched the “Man Seated on a Sofa” campaign, aimed at boosting social awareness of outdated social norms through the involvement of media outlets, influencers, Key Opinion Leaders, and the general public.


Matadero de Madrid houses the exhibition where the media outlets and bloggers of the “Somos Equipo” (We Are a Team) report created by Fundación Yo No Renuncio were presented.

600 %


6 M


400 K

Advertising value

The campaign reached 6 million people and obtained an Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) of €400,000.