Kaiku Caffè Latte


A unique musical experience with Kaiku Caffè Latte and Sophie Auster.

The actress and singer, who happens to be the daughter of the famous writer Paul Auster, revealed her new album alongside Kaiku Caffè Latte in Madrid at a unique venue: Duarte Pinto Coelho Palace.

In 2017, the brand Kaiku Caffè Latte created the “Kaiku Caffè Latte” music label to give to the brand’s concept “My World, My Rules” a place in the music world. Unique experiences for consumers and media outlets, in which the brand offers the best music at unique and exciting venues. The label’s launch was combined with the release of Sophie Auster’s new album at Duarte Pinto Coelho Palace in Madrid.

Kaiku Caffè Latte fans, fashion influencers, and journalists from an array of media outlets enjoyed an exclusive coffee with Sophie Auster. The singer presented her new songs in an acoustic concert followed by one-on-one interviews and, above all, a unique, different and 100% Instagram-friendly atmosphere with one of today’s top indie artists.

The concert

Hear Sophie Auster’s new album at a unique venue: Duarte Pinto Coelho Palace in Madrid, by the hand of Kaiku Caffè Latte.

Coffee with Sophie

A special setting for an incomparable interview with Sophie. Enjoy a very special one-on-one with the artist and Kaiku Caffè Latte.

The media

Some of the media outlets that covered our experience.


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