Torre de Madrid


If the hotel could speak, what would it say?


Torre de Madrid adds a special touch to guest experiences at the hotel in the form of small messages with a warm tone.


Housed in a building with the same name on Gran Vía, Barceló Torre de Madrid is a hotel that exudes personality from every side. In just a few months, it has become a reference point for the world of art, music, and fashion. Completely designed by the renowned designer Jaime Hayón, the stationery design had to be integrated with the surroundings while adding its own touch to the personality of a hotel where nothing has been left to chance.

The idea emerged from the need to step into the shoes of guests to create fun and personal ad hoc messages for every situation, thereby establishing a conversation with the hotel in a very specific tone and loaded with personality. The goal was to reinforce the sensation of a hotel that is alive and with surprises around every corner. In summary, we wanted to contribute towards the experience of each user in a relevant manner, using everyday hotel elements in a new and creative way.

A hotel filled with small messages, each with its own voice, that transform every stay into an experience. Little details hidden in every corner, designed to accompany, surprise, and make guests smile.