Osborne, Pasion since 1772

Osborne brought back passion as part of Spain’s national heritage.

The Spanish brand’s new positioning promotes its identity for international markets.

Conveying what it means to be Spanish in the 21st century, beyond flamenco, bulls, and culinary traditions, was a challenging yet necessary task for Osborne, one of the most iconic brands that best represents Spain’s values abroad.

In Spain, there is an underlying value behind who we are, what we do, and how we do it that goes beyond appearances: passion. A force at the heart of a company, that gives personality to each and every one of its statements.

Osborne conveyed its essence in this new positioning, a process that does not alter its origins or personality, but rather reveals its true essence in order to bring back passion as part of their national heritage and to redefine itself for consumers and stakeholders. The new positioning was announced through the creation of a corporate video, a new corporate website for the brand and social media.


Osborne developed its new corporate website to help support this new positioning. This modern and experiential site showed the renowned Spanish brand’s ability to reinvent itself while remaining true to its past.