Vueling airline eliminates the 800 km between A Coruña and Valencia for a day.

A technology device enabled by Vueling and Valencia Tourism Office made it possible to sit at a table alongside renowned guests in both cities at the same time and enjoy traditional gastronomic products from Galicia.

Vueling wanted to create a PR action to promote its new route between A Coruña and Valencia, in collaboration with the Tourism Councils of both cities.

The “A Coruña, closer than ever” campaign used technology to bring the two cities together. Guest authorities, the press and influencers shared a meal of traditional gastronomic products from Galicia in real time, despite the 800km distance between them.


205 K

Advertising value equivalency

+ 7 M

Total audience

+ 350 %

Return on investment

Return on investment

The action reached 7 million people and had an Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE 1/1) of 300,000 and a 353% ROI.