Kaiku Caffè Latte


Kaiku Caffè Latte creates the first art gallery designed exclusively for Instagram.

An initiative created within the framework of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Fashion is present in all social media where anonymous fashionistas from around the world share their style ideas and looks on Instagram, doubling up as both consumers and opinion leaders in the latest trends.

Boosting visibility and offering a new experience around the dairy brand was the goal of ‘Instaparadise’, an initiative created for Kaiku Caffè Latte as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid through its #MiMundoMisReglas campaign.

The space

An art gallery where Instagrammers are the stars. Walls in every color to highlight any outfit and look, to be used as the backdrop for the photos taken by MBFWM attendees.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: people expressed themselves, posed, had fun, and made the most of the walls created by Kaiku Caffè Latte and a team of urban artists.

Our walls

Color, patterns, geometric shapes and more! Everything comes together to help you take your best photo at MBFWM!

An integrated campaign that drove digital activation provoking 100% qualitative user-generated content on Kaiku Caffè Latte’s social media through a combination of brand experience, blogger relations, and PR actions.

The campaign, inspired by the phenomena of fashion on social media and urban wall art, reached 1.2 million people and more than 60,000 mobile interactions, increasing social media engagement to 6% with a base of 120,000 followers. In only five days, more than 1,500 entries were submitted by users associated with the event.


+ 1,2 M

Users reached

60 K

Mobile interactions

+ 6 %

Engagement in the brand’s social media profiles

+ 1,500

Direct entries for the giveaways before the event